Port Orford & Coos Bay

We’ve got some locked-in plans now and we’re pleased!  We’ll be staying here at Honey Bear RV Resort until the end of September.  We love Gold Beach, the relatively constant temperature between the high 50’s and 60’s, the ocean a 5 minute walk away, great restaurant on premises, only 9 minute drive to Gold Beach, 1/2 drive to Port Orford.  We’ve got a pretty good breeze most of the time yet the farther up the coast, the windier it gets (also the more crowded it is  … those darned tourists!).  I only got one decent shot in Coos Bay, that of a burnt down pier.  The second photo is across the Bay.

Saturdays are our weekly AA meeting in Port Orford.  We did manage a meeting on Tuesday in Coos Bay (which is about an hour and a half drive).  That’s also where the Walmart is for our scripts.  Coos Bay is definitely too big for our liking, but Port Orford is a great little spot where we found the “Crazy Norwegian Fish & Chips Cafe”.  The absolute BEST restaurant we’ve eaten at so far!  Delicious!!!  What a motto …


After our meeting on Saturday, we took a short drive to Cape Blanco State Park which has the lighthouse on it.  Also has the historical home of Patrick & Jane Hughes, built in 1898 one can visit (so we did).

The guy who built this house built two others in Port Orford … all three are still standing and have never had the outside painted!  Paint is only now starting to flake!  The architect was actually a ship builder and apparently did an amazing job on all three places.

Such beautiful ocean views from atop the hill the lighthouse sits on!  Brisk winds and sounds of the waves breaking make it a real “wake-up” experience!  They had tours of the lighthouse but we didn’t have 20 minutes to spare waiting.  We had some grocery shopping to do!

Then walk to the edge and glimpse the ocean again.


Amazing day!


Love,  Charlie & Jane



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July 2017 I married the Love of my Life and we are living our honeymoon, which can very likely last the rest of our lives! We met on my first travels to Maine in July 2015 when I stopped in Las Cruces, NM to visit my friends Tanya & Ken. We immediately became friends and kept in touch. The rest is history ...

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